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About PCLoveHate:

PCLoveHate (PCLH) was founded by Craig Mason who has been maintaining, repairing, upgrading and purchasing Macs and Windows machines for clients since 1995. We are located in Nashville, TN. We love helping people and businesses with their tech needs. We'd love to branch out and help animals with their tech needs as well, but as of yet this need has seemingly not arisen.

We are not your typical Tech Geeks, we do not think that our knowledge of technical issues and equipment makes us superior. it simply makes us geekier. We'll gladly share our knowledge, the world needs more geeks.

You can get to know us in advance by watching our TechLoveHate show, just click the white button at the top of the page.

We are bargain shoppers ourselves, so we believe in getting the most for our dollars. We have this same attitude with your dollars. We want to help you get the most out of your computers for the least amount of money.

Check out our testimonials section, see what others are saying about us.
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